12 days of sewing: #10 All about interfacing

For day 10 of my 12 days of sewing series, I’m doing a deep dive into the under-pinnings of successful dressmaking, interfacing.


Interfacing is the un-sung hero of many of our clothes, and because they’re an internal layer, we may not even realise they’re there. Essentially they stabilize areas of our clothes/projects that might collapse with wear and tear


When you first start sewing, interfacing seems like one of those tricky fiddly steps that you want to skip. However a little practise and testing with interfacing will yield great results, and definately improve both the look and the longevity of your sewing projects.


Happy stitching all CL :)


Jenni Taylor’s woven interfacing pack that I mentioned on the video  ( she also does a stretch one too)


In depth article on choosing and using interfacing


Fusible shirt canvas that’s great for collars and cuffs


Light cotton fusible that’s great for shirt plackets and linens


Fusible canvas for chest pieces


Lightweight vilene fusible


Stretch interfacing selections



Weft insertion edge tape

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