12 days of sewing: #7 Altering the shape of trouser legs

It’s day 7 of my 12 days of sewing series and today is all about altering either ready to wear trousers or a previous make


Altering clothes as a costumer was my speciality, and I’m passionate about being “thrifty” with our resources. One thing that can really transform a slightly outdated trouser leg is to change it’s shape. Recently I altered some bootcut jeans to straight legs and will now wear them again, so they’re no longer languishing in my cupboard


In this video lesson, I show you a little theory about avoiding twisting by keeping on grain, plus I walk you through tapering a pair of very wide leg trousers, plus my bootcut jeans.


Not all sewing is about making from scratch, and alteration skills are perfect for making the most of seasonal sales…


Happy stitching all CL :)

PS- There’s a little written tutorial to accompany this session too.

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I've not only gained overall competence, but learnt better garment construction as well as new methods for altering patterns
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