5 of my favourite sewing sites

The internet is a wonderful place! It is however a massive place and easy to get lost in with all the incredible sites that are out there.

If you love sewing, check out 5 of my favourite sewing sites

The sewing directory– the number one sewing site in the UK. It really is your go to site for everything sewing related

Coletterie blog– This blog is rammed full of great sewing tutorials with fab photos. The blog is part of Colette patterns and modern vintage inspired pattern company

Tilly and the buttons– A British bloggers journey into dressmaking, Delicious images and lots of helpful tutorials and tips for beginners

Sew Mama Sew-An american site drawing expertise from stitcher all over the world. Loads and loads of fab tutorials and how to’s

Lazy Stitching- Another fabulous British Blogger(Kiwi Living in the uk, so that counts) Alana is charting her return to sewing and shares amazing insights and tutorials on making the wardrobe she wants to wear but can’t buy in shops

Well, that’s just the tip of the iceberg for my list of sewing sites, more next week.

Happy Stitching! CL:)

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  • Karen Barclay

    12.09.2015 at 11:04

    There are so many lovely sewing sites, you could spend all day looking at them. Shame you have to work really! http://www.alittlebitofnice.com