Understanding different types of Sewing Machines

Choosing a sewing machine- 

Here’s everything you’ll need to before choosing  your sewing machine.

bullet2Understanding differences in machine types

bullet2Anatomy of a sewing machine

bullet2Winding on a bobbin

bullet2How to thread up a top or a front loading sewing machine


Sewing machine confident

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Reviews From Happy Students

This class is without doubt the perfect introduction to learning how to sew. Not only are the instructions, clear and easy to understand, the tips and tricks are incredibly useful. Claire-Louise is a wonderful teacher, and it is clear she is not only incredibly talented, but has a wonderful passion and understanding for teaching. I would recommend this class to anyone who has an interest in sewing, but be warned, you will want to do every class once you have finished this one


Hi Claire-Louise,

I am loving your course and excellent teaching style. I would sign up for any further online training courses that you provide because you have a wonderful way of teaching. You take your time in explaining all of the basics which are so important. I'm not a beginner but am still delighted that I signed up for your course. Thank you for providing this course online as I would never have gotten the opportunity to attend one of your courses in person.

Many thanks,


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