Cloning my favourite jeans- Minerva craft blogger challenge

Cloning my favourite jeans- Minerva craft blogger challenge

I’d just like to say that I’m not someone that wins competitions, EVER!

Back in May, the Sewing Directory and Minerva Craft launched a blogger challenge, where you could win some of the new season fabric if you submitted an interesting blog idea. I have been planning to clone my favourite jeans for some time, and inspired by the new banana republic mad men collection I spotted this fabric over at Minerva Crafts

Designer canvas

Here’s my submitted entry-


“As a small framed person with a short rise in my crotch, and no hips, trousers are a nightmare. I only really wear jeans with a little stretch as nothing else ever fits. I’ve been working up 4 different commercial patterns for trousers, again all needing to much fitting too make it a quick project.
I own a fabulous pair of inexpensive jeans from peacocks that are THE PERFECT FIT  but sadly they’re are not available in store anymore.
I plan to make a pattern from my existing jeans, and use this as my perfect trouser pattern, I love the current trend for bold patterned trousers and think this fabric would make a perfect pair of summer trousers, with just a hint of the 60’s too!”
Here’s my inspiration board
Patterned trousers inspiration board

And guess what! I won the fabric… seriously, I never win stuff.

I was pretty excited to get started but  sadly my 3 jobs have somewhat slowed  down my progress. Once the fabric arrived, I diligently chucked into the washer and dryer to make sure my new trousers wouldn’t shrink.

After washing the fabric and taking a rubbish shot of myself,  I made a plan..

pre-washed fabric

I’m going to posting some stop motion video on how to use a tracing wheel to make a pattern from a garment without taking it apart. It’s pretty simple to do, but there a couple of basic rules, so i’ll outine them in Post 2.

First up, You’ll need some tools-

A couple of tracing wheels,( including a double ended one for adding seamn allowance), some pins with coloured heads, a cardboard surface to pin your original garment to, pattern paper and paper scissors, a ruler, a pencil, a tape measure , tailors chalk and a pair of jeans to copy

Tools to clone your clothes
Ok, i’ll be sharing the first video on how to “rub off’ the pattern in my next blog post, this will be a series of blogs over the next couple of weeks, so there’s an opportunity to share everything.

Happy Stitching, Claire-Louise :)



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