sewing and self esteem

Could sewing for yourself be the holy grail for self esteem and body acceptance?

Could sewing our own clothes help us to accept the body we’re inhabiting right now?

Having spent a week on retreat last week, squeezed into now snug yoga gear, I’m feeling pretty body aware.

I personally think everybody looks great whatever size they are, BUT!! how an individual feels about their size makes a massive difference to their confidence. Being a professional seamstress with years of fit experience has made me very body aware, and body accepting. I can make clothes that fit me well whatever size I am, provided I accept that my body changes.

Whilst I know everyone looks fabulous in clothes that FIT them, ie clothes for each individual, this isn’t always how my students, or other sewers feel. Fitting means looking at yourself in the mirror, which is tough when you don’t like the skin you’re currently in.

So, do you feel empowered by sewing clothes you love, regardless of what shape you are now, or does it make you feel worse?

I’d love to hear how if sewing has raised or indeed lowered your self esteem.

Happy stitching cl :)

PS- I wrote about sewing for a changing body in Love sewing magazine issue 72 if you’re interested in some tips on sewing for body confidence.

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  • Lília Visser

    25.10.2019 at 22:48

    It mostly made me more comfortable with mu body, but sometimes it’s difficult to accept those changes. We need to keep measuring ourselves constantly and accepting my size had increased was not fun. But the fact I can make my own clothes and change sizes whenever necessary, that’s just amazing.

    • The Thrifty Stitcher

      27.10.2019 at 09:34

      Yep, accepting change is tricky! It’s an inevitable part of life though, and if media didn’t focus so much on stating staruc, and thin then I reckon we’d be more comfortable hey? Glad that sewing gifts you clothes you want! 🙏