handmade Christmas Crackers

Crafty Christmas idea # 16- Make your own crackers

Advent 16

This is such a fun project. Why have boring generic crackers when you can rustle up your own. Crackers are really a blank canvas to express your own creativity.

handmade Christmas Crackers

There’s a couple of ways to go with this project:-

  1. Get a kit. You’ll need to do this pretty quickly!! Try this company
  2. Break open some odd crackers from last year to use the snaps and party hats, and then use this Tutorial

handmade crackers

    Supplies that can be used:-

    • ribbon scraps
    • tinsel
    • tissue paper
    • rubber stamps and ink pads
    • glitter
    • fabrics
    • small toys
    • feathers and embellishments
    • wrapping paper
    • broken jewllry and sparkly bits and bobs

    Basically any stuff you like that is in the house!

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