Create-Word number one of my new year challenge

So instead of new year’s resolutions,I have picked up on picking 3 words that sum up my aspirations for 2011.

The first of my words is “Create”

I would like to get more personal creativity back into my life. My theatre work and my teaching inspires others to be creative,but mine has slipped by the wayside! I’d like to make the following things for myself by Easter-

1- the underbust corset that i bought from sew curvy corset kits last august,and that still languishes in it’s box!
2- the hot patterns faux wrap dress-it looks so delicious and I have rediscovered wearing dresses
3- copy my favourite monsoon shift dress and make a few more!

Create for me isn’t just about doing things, I’d like to “create” a little more space in my life so I can enjoy doing nothing again,just chilling/reading staring at the sky!

I want to continue ” creating” a network of thrifty stitchers

Some of my aspirations will take time,and so I’m not disheartened I have a few little things I’d like to get done in smaller chunks

Every day- create half an hour to take time out to daydream
Every week -read a book that’s nothing to do with work
Every month-create a space in my life to get together with my girlfriends!

Fingers crossed that it’s not too unachievable!

Tomorrow’s blog is my second word -“Love”

Happy stitching

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  • JuliaB

    06.01.2011 at 12:41

    I agree with you CL. My personal creativity dropped by the wayside last year and i can't even remember when I last read a novelor didn't feel guilty for doing 'nothing'! so I am changing that this year.. I want to make a wrap dress too … might have a look at that hot patterns one..