Day 3 of Lingerie week

Inspired to have a go at making a hand-made bra?

Although I’ve only ever sewn 2 bras in my professional sewing life, I have bought countless supplies for bras and lingerie in my career as a costumier. As these are rather specialist supplier, I thought I’d share some with you!


Heres’ my second bra, shame it was a pattern test, there’s no way this is gonna fit me!


Bra making suppliers

Bra kits

Bra kits

Ok if this is your first ever bra, then why not make your life easy and buy a kit. Buying a kit means you’ll have all the findings you need, PLUS they will all be colour co-ordinated, which can save hours searching all different sites getting the correct bits to match the fabrics of your choice.

I’ve used Sewing Chest in the UK for Kits and individual supplies. My good friend Susan Goodwin sells similar kits from Sydney, and nope the postage isn’t always as bad as you think it’ll be!

Elastics and bra findings

If you’re not going the kit route, you’ll need to source all the elastics and findings etc for your bra, and either choose a contrast, a colour that matches your lace, or have a go at dying the stuff to match.

Good supplier here in the UK are Sewing Chest again remembering that you want bra plush elastic for the edges. The English Couture Company also have a great range.

Elastics for bra making
Lace Fabric


All of the previously linked companies supply stretch lace for bra making.

You can also look further afield too, White-tree fabrics has a fab selection, and it’s well worth scouring etsy.

My red and black  lace was purchased in Pitt trading in sydney, along with all the supplies I needed and it was considerably cheaper than here in the uk, so def worth looking at them despite shipping costs/delivery time

Bra  Patterns

You’re going to need some sort of bra pattern to make your first bra. If you fancy a soft cup style, then buy the Bee’s Stitch to style or  for a similar style the Watson bra

If you need a bit more support you’ll need to look at an under-wired style, this Marlborough bra is on my to do list ( she also has another pattern too)  and this kwik sew pattern gets good reviews if you can track down a copy!

There are too many patterns out there to list, so happy hunting!

bra patterns

Books and other resources.

There are a couple of  great books that might help you get started, and I’ll be reviewing this one later in the week.


Or take a look at this book


Cloth habit have some great tutorials, LLadybird has done loads, and so does craftsy who also run a fab online bra making course!

Good luck!

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  • Eliza-sew-little

    01.06.2016 at 22:00

    I’ve found some amazing lingerie elastic stretch lace from Maculloch and Wallis in Poland St.
    The Kwik Sew pattern 3594 worked well for me. The one in the sewing bee book is very light weight – more like a night time bra.