Magnetic pin tins

De-clutter your sewing space

I love getting organised, so here a couple of my favourite ideas for creating order amongst the sewing chaos.

Magnetic pin tinsI love these magnetic spice jars that store my pins, needles and small fiddly bits n bobs neatly away from the table on the wall. The clear lid means I don’t have to label them as I can see inside. They’re not too expensive and I’m becoming addicted!



clear plastic storage traysI’m crazy about these clear plastic lidded trays. Working as a freelance Costumier I need a lot of weird and wonderful kit. Keeping supplies stored in this type of tray means I can chuck them in my bag when needed. They are sold in john lewis and amazon for craft storage, and I’ve used these guys too. They’re often cheaper in fishing tackle shops!



blanket bagsStoring Your fabric stash is a bit of a nightmare! You need to see what you’ve got, but you also need to protect it from moths and dust. Here’s a trick I borrowed from the Wicked Costume department. Clear vinyl blanket bags. They stack, have zips and are pretty sturdy. You can find them on Amazon too!



Cutlery holdersScissors and sewing tools are awkward and take up valuable table space. Whilst I hate going to ikea, the really have got lots of great storage solutions. I use these wall mounted cutlery pots to keep all my tools off the table. You can even just buy the rail and make some fabric ones.
The scissors are all coded by purpose too, white tags for paper, red gingham for threads and fabric…



Happy Stitching!

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