Bremsilk in action

Don’t scrimp and save on your linings!

One of the reasons to sew for yourself is to create items you really love that are exactly how you want them. A personal niggle of mine with ready to wear clothes,  is that often the linings are super cheap, and feel nasty next to my skin. We tend to focus on the outside fabric when we make clothes, and scrimp on the linings if we’ve splurged on a delicious fashion fabric. DON”T!
Lovely Linings
Having a quality, anti static breathable lining next to the skin is divine, and worth paying that little bit more for. I can’t recommend Bremsilk, or Cupro enough. It’s a little more expensive, but will make your garments so much more special. I get mine here, but you can probably pick it up at your local shop, just ask for “Cupro” which is the lining’s technical name.

For trousers, or lighter summer garments I’ll often use a viscose taffeta called “Ermazine” equally worth the few extra pennies, and available here It’s the lining that tailors prefer.

Still not Convinced? I recently saw the inside of a dress I made for a play over 15 years ago, and despite being regularly hired out and worn many times, the lining has lasted and kept the costume looking lovely both inside and out.

Bremsilk in action

Got a favourite lining? I’d love to hear about it

Happy Stitching :)


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  • Helen McGlasson

    22.09.2016 at 13:50

    Better quality lining is easier and nicer to handle too!