Essential Sewing Skills

Want to start sewing, but find the sewing machine a little bit daunting? Or have you returned to sewing and feel like you need a refresher?

Then this is the course for you.

This course is based on my best selling studio class- The Ultimate Beginners day sewing package. Which I taught in my London studio for 6 years

If you’ve never used a sewing machine, I’ll take you step by step through everything you need to know to become sewing machine confident. You’ll learn how to make 2  sewing machine projects : A cushion and a pair of simple Pyjama trousers. At the end of this online course you’ll be ready to start sewing your dream projects.

For the duration of this current Covid 19 lockdown, I’m offering a 50% discount. I hope this allows more people to learn to sew at home.

Get Sewing Machine Confidence!- A step by step online beginners sewing course

Here’s What You’ll Learn

Get sewing machine confident- 

Starting right at the very beginning, here’s everything you’ll need to use your sewing machine at home.

bullet2Anatomy of a sewing machine

bullet2Winding on a bobbin

bullet2Threading a top and a front loading sewing machine

bullet2Sewing machine skills or “driving test”

Sewing machine confident

The Simple Envelope Cushion 

Envelope cushions are a fantastic first project on a sewing machine

bullet2Pinning and cutting out from a simple pattern

bullet2Creating a double folded hem

bullet2Building the cushion

bullet2Sewing and neatening simple  seams

bullet2Bagging out your cushion


Introduction to Dressmaking- 

Dive into dressmaking with these basic skills

bullet2How to measure correctly

bullet2Choosing fabric

bullet2Understanding and Adjusting patterns

bullet2Preparing your fabric

bullet2How to correctly cut out your fabric

Essential dressmaking skills
Kid's PJ Trousers

Simple Kid’s pyjama trousers- 

Make the perfect pair of kid’s pyjama trousers with an elasticated waistband.

bullet2Pin and cut out from a pattern

bullet2Learn a simple method of trouser construction

bullet2Create a folded elastic waistband

bullet2Sew narrow double folded hems

bullet2Thread elastic

Adult Unisex PJ Trousers- 

Make the perfect pair of unisex pyjama trousers with an seperate  waistband

bullet2How to read a dressmaking pattern

bullet2Prepare your pattern and fabric

bullet2Learn to lengthen or shorten your pattern

bullet2Learn a simple method of trouser construction

bullet2Insert buttonholes

bullet2How to attach a waistband

bullet2Sew narrow double folded hems

bullet2Thread elastic

ladies pj's

BONUS Module- 

How to make and apply piping

bullet2How to make your own piping from spare fabric

bullet2Understand what “the bias” means

bullet2Learn how to join bias strips

bullet2Make custom pipin

bullet2Apply piping to a cushion

Intro to dressmaking- Pyjama Trousers

Reviews From Happy Students

Claire-Louise is a very enthusiastic teacher who shares a wealth of knowledge and useful tips in her video courses. She takes it at a slow pace ideal for beginners and makes sure that every single step is clearly demonstrated. The next best thing to taking an in person class with her.


Hi Claire-Louise,

I am loving your course and excellent teaching style. I would sign up for any further online training courses that you provide because you have a wonderful way of teaching. You take your time in explaining all of the basics which are so important. I'm not a beginner but am still delighted that I signed up for your course. Thank you for providing this course online as I would never have gotten the opportunity to attend one of your courses in person.

Many thanks,


This course is Amazing value at just £29.99 including in depth video training, a multi-sized downloadable pattern, PLUS  illustrated worksheet and resources!

I am currently offering 50% discount whilst we’re all stuck at home.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

30 day guarantee

We are confident that you will love learning to sew with us, so we offer a 30 day money back guarantee if you fail to learn to sew after following our lessons. We would only ask that you show us some of your failed sewing project before we issue the refund

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