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Everything Alice- A gorgeous sewing book review

I discovered this week that the team behind delightful craft book “Everything Alice- The wonderful book of makes” have a new book coming out “Everything Oz- The wizard book of makes and bakes”, so I thought i’d finally post my review of the first book.

Everything alice book coverI was drawn into this book immediately by the striking red cover, and by a personal love of everything Alice too!


This book really is a journey into wonderland. Unlike other craft or sewing books, it perfectly blends delicious pages of  food and drink with delightfully quirky and inspiring craft projects. I struggled to choose my favourites!

Cheshire cat hand warmers

Time for tea Jewellry


The craft based projects have something for everyone from cute lavender dormice, to fabric covered chairs and fabulous mad hatterhats. My personal favourites are the “Time for tea Jewellry” and the “Cheshire cat hand warmers”



Duchess macaroonsdrink me cordials


Not being a complete domestic Diva myself, I also loved the playful food and drink projects, I’m sure even I can follow the clear instructions and rustle up some “Drink Me Cordial” Although the fabulous “Duchess Macaroons” may be too much for me as a non baker. They do look divine though


There are lots of ideas for themed tea parties too, and there are templates at the back of the book for you to trace off and enlarge. My only bug bear, is that not having access to a photocopier that enlarges, I can’t make full use of the templates. This is however a common issue with british craft books.

If you’re interested in making things and are bored with the same old cookery books and crafting books, then I highly recommend you invest in this book.

(Disclaimer -I was sent a review copy by the publisher Quadrille, However I made up my own mind about wether or not I liked the book)

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