Fancy trying my sewing club membership for a month?

Fancy trying my sewing club membership for a month?

Are you keen to level up your dressmaking skills?

Why not gift yourself a 1 month access all areas trial subscription to my monthly dressmaking club Elevate Your Sewing.

I’ve just created a one month trial package that’s access all areas of Elevate your sewing, meaning you get to see over 30 mini courses, PLUS 30 plus sewing technique videos, clothing alterations videos and pattern hacking tutorials.


It’s just £18 for the month trial, no obligation to continue if it’s not for you.

The membership has two elements, a monthly programme delivered live inside a zoom session, and a website with all the session recordings. So during your trial you can access all the recordings inside the website 24/7.


There’s more info about the club here.


Please add the date you’d like your membership to start from  on the “notes to business” section of the checkout. I will be manually adding you to the club, so may not get you enrolled immediately but will do so within 24 hours.

I thoroughly enjoy watching all the playbacks. You have filled me with sewing confidence, and for that I am truly grateful
Rachel- EYS level 3 member

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