First day on Prima Donna In Toronto

Having arrived late on sunday from NYC, i only got a brief glimpse of the city, but i did marvel at Niagra falls when we flew over it. i have been but nature just astounds me- think i will pop over on my day off on sunday and see it again.

This is the view from my room, i am on 35th floor!

First day on Prima Donna In Toronto

Had a fab veggie meal in a great veggie restaurant- only down side- they don’t sell booze! Veggies drink, i am veggie and i love a cheeky beer on a sunday evening…..

Cost of living is pretty high in Toronto, think i will be spending all my pd’s just on food! Pd’s are the daily cash allowance we receive when touring abroad- if you’re clever it is a great way to avoid spending your salary. We often refer to it as “free money”

Finished off my evening last night in a bar having some cheeky cocktails with my pal vicky. Rudely awoken at 4 am by the sound of a fire evacuation. When you are in a high rise building that is pretty scarey. It was called off so we all got back to sleep eventually!!

Checked out the theatre today, then headed on the subway to rehearsals. Subway was so busy, but not quite as organized as London or NYC. Am looking forward to taking the tram soon! Ended the day fitting the new cast members we have on the show.

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