gorgeous cute children’s patterns!!

Whilst prepping for my freestyle drop in sewing session at the end of the week, i have been looking for really great patterns for a pinafore/apron dress as that is a project one of my students wishes to work on. We looked through all the reams of patterns in our studio, but didn’t spot anything either easy enough for a beginner, or funky enough to be a thrifty project. I am totally kicking myself, as i saw a fab oliver and s pattern at ally pally, and didn’t buy it!
I did a net crawl, as you do, and found this really very cute FREE DOWNLOADABLE pattern on this blog-

This version is for a wee baby, but you can follow links to a larger toddler version. Anyhow I have adapted the pattern to make a super easy version. Once I finish the prototype I will publish pics. I may even add my version of the itsy bitsy dress as a downloadable pattern…(I may be getting a little carried away!!)

gorgeous cute children's patterns!!

Many thanks to Rae, whose free pattern seems to have inspired many other stitchers, check out some of her other patterns on her blog.

My other discovery is the Oliver and S patterns-very very desirable, they are american but you can order them through eternal-maker, a very gorgeous shop in Chichester that I saw at the knitting and stitching show in Ally Pally! Apart from patterns they sell lots of scrummy haberdashery and fabrics……

I am attending an Athena network lunch tomorrow, which is a sort of business networking event for women. We are hoping there will be other businesses that can help us develop from being just a bit of an idea to a proper grown up concern. I will follow up tomorrow

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