Reusable hand-warmers – a fab handmade gift idea

Brrr! It’s chilly at the moment in the Northern Hemisphere. If you fancy that Ready Brek feeling whilst waiting for the bus or walking to the tube, then rustle up some of these super quick Microwavable hand warmers which are perfect as gifts too!

Microwavable hand warmers

You’ll need the following-

  • Aprox 6 teaspoons of microwavable grade wheat ( It has to had dust removed so as not to catch fire, i use Brow farm, or use up an old wheat hottie) You could also use long grain rice
  • A teaspoon of dried lavender if you’d like them scented
  • 4  x 3 inch squares of robust woven fabric, something that feels nice like wool,velevet or cord.
  • Thread and a sewing machine ( you can also stitch by hand)

Join together 2 squares of fabric by stitching around 3 complete sides and then part of the 4 th side leaving an opening of around 1.5 inches.

Turn the bag right side out, it should look like this

half made hand warmer

Spoon in the wheat/rice and lavender mixture. The bag should really only be half full.

Stitch up the opening!

Ta Dah- one microwavable hand warmer. Repeat to make a pair!!

To microwave, place on a microwavable plate with half a cup of water and heat for 60 secs max. remove carefully from microwave and pop into pockets. the water stope the wheat from becoming all dried out and brittle

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