printed wrapping paper

Handmade Christmas idea #4- Print your own Paper

Last minute prep usually includes doing some wrapping, so why not carry on the handmade theme and print your own instead of buying some cheesy supermarket wrapping? There’s still time…

hand printed wrapping paper

You’ll need some plain coloured paper, i like using brown paper available in WH Smiths. You’ll also need something to print shapes with, there are loads of seasonal rubber stamps about, or you can do some potato printing! Finally you’ll need some ink, or paint to print with. I love this stamp!

stocking stamp

Check out this great Tutorial for more tips

This is another great Tutorial for “Confetti ribbon” wrapping paper- fabulous!

confetti ribbon wrapping

There are so many ways to get creative with your wrapping, so go and have some fun!

printed wrapping paper

happy printing


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