Have you ever tried cloning your clothes?

Have you ever tried cloning your clothes?

Imagine being able to make multiple versions of your favourite clothes without having to take the original apart….. If this sounds like you, read on for a couple of free video sessions on how to clone your clothes

Have you ever tried to clone your clothes?

My favourite dress clone


As a costumer, I’ve had to clone a garment many times when it’s been ripped beyond repair, or melted by an enthusiastic Laundry assistant prepping for that show that night…..
It’s an essential skill for costuming and is my favourite method for creating patterns when I sew for myself. Often when I find a dress I love and want in every colour, the style is no longer available so the only way to make another version of it, is to extract the pattern. Since it’s a dress i love, destroying it to make a pattern isn’t an option!
However it’s possible to take a pattern from most garments without taking apart the original. The blue dress is a favourite of mine that I managed to buy in 2 colours. I cloned it and made a couple of changes to make a heat-wave friendly version a few years ago.
How to clone a simple dress

How to clone a simple dress


Back in 2020, early in lockdown I ran a free online session on how to clone that exact dress above using a simple tracing method. If you’d like to learn the process, you can watch that video below

How to clone a more complex garment?


Not all garments are as simple as my blue dress which has just a front and a back, and no darts or pleats.

So how do you go about cloning something with a dart?

Watch this 2nd video to learn how.

So do you think cloning is something you might like to try?

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