Hemming stretch fabrics with a twin Needle

Hemming stretch fabrics with a twin Needle

I love twin needles!

They are really easy insert, as they have a single post like normal needles.

they come in different widths, so you can vary the look, and use them decoratively. And they come in a myriad of types too, just like regular needles.

The biggest reason why i love them, is to hem stretchy or jersey fabrics. All shop bought stretchy clothes are ┬ádone with a machine called a cover stitch. All it does is hem, probably not a machine most home sewers plan to invest in. But…. You can get a very professional finish, using a twin needle. It’s great for alterations too, no more wearing an overly long t shirt.

Ok- they cost a wee bit more than normal needles, but they last

NEVER use them with a zig zag, you may break them, as they can swing wider than the hole in the machine’s footplate

You’ll need to thread up with a second spool/reel of thread.

Watch this video to discover how easy it is to use these needles

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