How to fix torn leather clothes

How to fix a hole in leatherLeather is a very unforgiving fabric to repair.

It can’t be darned, and you’ll never  get an “invisible” repair. This jacket has torn 3 times!

This is how i fixed it each time.




unpicking the lining of a jacket




You’ll need to get inside the garment to attach a patch. I unpicked a section of the lining at the hem, so i could get inside and make sure my applied patch was really flat.

tools for the job



You’ll need a patch of leather that’s the same colour as your garment and the same quality. My jacket was a very soft leather, so i couldn’t use a thick patch. You’ll also need some impact adhesive. I like to use evostick  leather adhesive which is “flexible” and designed for this surface



apply glue to patch



Apply some glue to the back of both the patch, and the wrong side of the garment. wait for this to go tacky(Aprox 3-4 mins) then lay the patch over the back of the hole. I always use a bigger patch than i need, and trim away once the glue has gone off


flatten down the edges of the tear



Once you’ve applied the patch, the glue is still flexible and not completely set. From the outside of the garment, smooth down all the edges of the tear, and make it look as neat as possible. If any glue has transferred to the right side. you can get this off now. Once it dries it’s trickier!

The glue takes a good 15 mins in total to really set, so leave the garment flat until then. Once you’re happy it’s all dry, trim away any excess patch and then re-stitch the opening you made in the lining to access the hole

the repaired hole



Tah dah- Not perfect, but at least it’s fixed





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