How to sew beautiful hand finished hems

Mastering hand sewn hems

I’ve recently spent a lot of  time freelancing as a Costumier and had to turn up A LOT of hems.

Re-sewing hems or fixing hems is probably the most common task requested when costuming, and I know that a lot of home sewers dislike hand sewing and so avoid it.

A hand sewn hem can add a touch of elegance to a dressmaking project. It can literally make or break some tailored garments like trousers for example. Have you ever seen a machine sewn hem on a Saville row suit?


Whilst a machine sewn hem works perfectly for jeans or chinos, a woollen fabric or most luxury fabrics will look better with a discreet hand sewn hem.

There’s something rather mindful about hand sewing as it can’t really be rushed, and the repetitive nature of passing the needle in and out of the fabric is very soothing. ( although maybe not on a film set when the actor is half dressed waiting for their trousers! )

Here’s a little video I made for you on using a herringbone stitch to hand sew hems

I hope this little video post helps if you’ve ever avoided hand sewing a hem?

Happy stitching
CL Aka The Thrifty Stitcher :)

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Thank you so much for your video, very clear, easy to follow and very helpful.


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