How to use a tiled pdf pattern

New to the world of downloadable print at home pdf patterns?

If you’re a conventional paper pattern consumer then this new world of downloadable tiled patterns may seem mind boggling!

Fear not, it’s all pretty straightforward if you follow a couple of simple guidelines

Here’s how to start

 Download and unzip the files from your e mail confirmation and or the confirmation page of the site you purchased your pattern from

bullet2Once you open your files, decide whether you want to print at home or use a copy shop.

The print at home option– 

bullet2print off  the print guide which will either be a separate file or will be a page at the beginning of the pattern file. This will help you to see how all the printed pages fit together to make a whole pattern

bullet2Send the test square page of the pattern file usually labelled A4/US letter to your printer and run off a copy ensuring scaling is set to zero so you’re printing at 100%. Make sure the test square measures the correct size. This will be printed inside the square, and is usually 10 cm sqaure or 3 15/16ths of an inch. You may need to tweak your printers individual adjustments if you have an older printer.

bullet2Once you’re sure that the test square is correctly printing, make sure you have enough ink and paper to print all the pages! Sometimes patterns like say my Dawson Coatigan will be very page heavy as its a longer garment than for example a small headscarf

bullet2Hit PRINT and wait for all your pages.

bullet2There is usually a border around the pattern section within each sheet, so you may need to trim or fold away any blank sections on one of the longer edges, and the lower edge of each piece. YOU DO NOT need to trim everywhere, so dive into the video below for my time saving tips on how to do this efficiently. You’ll need to stick or tape all the sheets together to form a large full size pattern sheet

Copy shop print option- 

bullet2Save the copy shop or AO file provided by the pattern company to a folder on your computer

bullet2Ping an e mail with the attached file to Netprinter or any local copyshop/large format printer near you. Follow their prompts for payments and delivery options

bullet2Wait for your full sized pattern sheets to be delivered to you, ready to start making


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