#IroningMyths- a review of my new favourite iron- the phillips elite care plus

Having spent 20 years making and taking care of Costumes in professional Theatres around the world and here in London, I have become a bit of an ironing expert!

70% of a good sewing result is in the ironing, so getting a good tool will serve you well.

I was asked to experiment with a phillips elite care plus steam generator iron. I have had a few phillips models on various shows including the railway children and million dollar quartet and they served me well, so I was curious about the new opti-therm sole plate they have invented.

Phillips have come up with an iron that combines the perfect amount of steam and temperature to allow you to iron all fabrics with one setting called “OptimalTemp”


Here’s how it works

So, I have been really impressed with this iron, which I’ve used for at least 3 months, and it’s been pressing up all of my MA test work. If you want to see a more slick video of the iron in action, then check out this link on the phillips website.

They do a  regular iron too, with the OptimalTemp, and I really think for anyone new to dressmaking it would make a great investment. Even pros like me have melted precious fabric in the past, and its heartbreaking!

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  • Annie

    24.01.2016 at 16:59

    I purchased this iron a couple of months ago and it is amazing. Brilliant bit of kit!