La Maison Victor launches in UK!- World blog tour day 2

Belgian Sewing Magazine La Maison Victor launches in the UK

I’m thrilled and super excited to be part of a world blog tour to launch Belgian sewing Magazine La Maison Victor! I’m day 2 and nervous after following on from the awesome What Katie Sews Delores Skirt Yesterday!

UK Launch of La Maison Victor

I’ve heard of this magazine on social media, but since i neither speak Dutch or French, I’ve never seen a copy. I was aware of the patterns they offer as stand alone patterns which by the way you can purchase with inexpensive video support alongside your pattern. Something I actually referenced in my MA research.


Imagine how thrilled I was to be asked to be part of their international launch! I was even more excited when I took a peek inside some previous issues too.

The magazine itself is a real treat to flick through. It’s styled in a fresh modern way, and feels very much like a fashion magazine, rather than a craft or a sewing magazine.

The projects are very much like a capsule wardrobe, and include a men’s chino, along with a couple of home projects and a knitted jumper too. I’m considering making these chino’s for myself!

Ok, so onto my project. I was asked to make something from the Magazine, and if you’ve ever met me in real life, you’ll know i have an addiction to these stripey dresses! I have 4… Sadly I havent been able to find these in the shops for ages so was on the lookout for a pattern. So of course I made the Solange Dress. The major appeal for me over all the stretch dresses already out there in this shape was the exposed zip detail at the back, plus the ribbon placket which makes it feel really special, it’s a feature of all my Ready to wear versions.

The patterns come as overlapped pieces on colour co-ordinated sheets. I’m a self confessed loather of tracing, and do prefer to cut, but it’s good to go out of your comfort zone, and as Katie says, this is not a burda road map. I fell between sizing, as usual, so blended between the 3 differing sizes of my bust, hips and waist. This is a regular pattern adjustment for me. I made up a quick fit test version in some inexpensive Ponte. As I was short of time, I had bought a delicious organic stripe sweatshirting from ray-stitch which is local to me. At £22 a metre though, I only wanted to cut this out when I knew it was a good fit! Means I now have 2 dresses too. Overall I only need to fine tune the fit, as i would any other pattern. the stretch was different in the ponte version and the sweatshirt, so I pin fitted the final one before stitching. Since my dress is more an autumn/winter version, I lengthened the sleeve to 3/4 and slimmed it down a little too. I’m very pleased with the fit!

There are lovely drawn instructions for each project. I would say that the zip insertion was a little tricky, so this wouldn’t be a beginners project and it’s worth doing a test run first, Maybe I’ll do a tutorial! I was very please with the final result, and the ribbon placket detail makes it feel like a high end garment

One of the things I really love about this magazine, is that the actual fabrics used for the projects are available to buy! having recently taught a student who mistook a woven stretch for a knitted stretch, i know how easy it is to get it wrong! I would love to get hold of some of the french terry used in the magazine. they wil be selling via the website, but due to a technical glitch this won’t happen for a few weeks, but you can order here! 

I’m was also thrilled to see they have a makers gallery page, so you can be inspired by other makers versions too!

maker's gallery

I’ve shared the Magazine with several of my students, who all agreed it’s pretty fabulous! It will be available in the UK from WHS smiths, Morrisons,Tesco and Waitrose. Finally I’m posting an out-take shot of the back view, I’m never gonna make a model, but posing with a timer and your neighbours watching is tough! Up tomorrow on the tour is the fabulous Jane Marland, and then Laura from Petite passions


  • ROsemary Taylor

    20.10.2017 at 09:56

    How often does the magazine come out. Can you order as found it really hard to buy. HAd originally bought in France while in holiday but love the English version

  • Helen Frampton

    19.07.2017 at 22:21

    Just brought the magazine for this pattern as love this sort of dress! Would be very interested in a video to help install the zip :-)

  • Katie

    07.07.2017 at 00:17

    Lovely dress – the ribbon placket is really smart! I think I’m going to try the Flo dress sometime soon…

  • Gail Davison

    06.07.2017 at 21:18

    You look great in that dress. Must look out for the mag. X