Love- my second word aspiration for 2011


Wow this is a big word, and yet it’s part of the everyday fabric of life.
This year i’d like more love in my life, i’d like to stop more often and appreciate those that i love, and those that love me. Too often when we’re busy we get onto auto-pilot. Life becomes a blur of duty, and obligation. To do lists are great, and i write a lot of them, however i often forget to remember to tell my loved ones how i feel. So this year i aspire to rectify that, sorry to all my friends and family if i become a bit more gushing!!

I’d also like to give myself permission to love me a bit more. Anyone who knows me personally will know that i’m a perfectionist. i work really hard at getting things right, and often i am very self critical. I’d like to see myself more as others see me, and accept all that’s good and bad. As with many women, i am a bit sad about how i look physically- i struggle with my weight, i constantly wish i could be thinner. Well this year i am going to stop procrastinating and take charge of my body. I don’t aspire to be super thin, but i want to get a bit leaner, and fitter. I managed to quit 20 fags a day, so now i need to crack on with my body. I will try to Love the me i am now though, as it’s so destructive to only think about the thiner me i could become. To Love myself, i need to be more in the moment.

I have 2 parallel lives- One as a Sewing Teacher, and one as a Theatrical Wardrobe Mistress. My two lives occupy much of my time, and many hours a week. Many of the activities i love have fallen by the wayside, and yes i probably have neglected the love of my life too. So I hope to start cooking again, not because i have to, but because i love it. I hope to start getting out again in 2011, and not always staying in because i’m so exhausted. I hope that i will do these things with my man, and that we can share some laughs together.

Hmmm…. lots to do here..

Every day –  I will tell someone who is special to me, that they are special to me
Every week- I will commit to some pilates/cardio not to be thin, but because i love myself and want to stay alive!
In the next few month- i will have a dinner party, and cook food that i’ve never cooked before

See you tomorrow for my last word of the year- Invest

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  • cooldesignbird

    07.01.2011 at 14:11

    Well that is probably the best resolution I have heard this year… we all need to remember that we work to live and not the other way round!