Mending matters!- A free video on common repairs

Need some mending inspiration?

It’s London repair week this week, and that’s got me thinking about one aspect of sewing that I personally love! Mending and altering clothes. Now many home sewers hate doing this kind of sewing, but sometimes that quick re-hem job you’ve been putting off for months will actually only take 5 minutes and voila, it’s like a new piece of clothing is back in your wardrobe.


As a pro Costumer, I’ve spent decades fixing costumes, sometimes quickly and rather poorly to get an actor onstage, only have to re-work it properly the next day, and sometimes having the time to relish the repair. I only gained the confidence to master repairs after diving in and just getting them done. I learnt as much by my shonky sewing as I did from the ones that went well.


So to celebrate all things mending and repairs this week, I’ve unlocked a video lesson from my membership vault on common repairs. i hope it gives you some food for thought and some skills to dive into mending.

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I've thoroughly enjoyed binge watching all the membership recordings. You have filled me with sewing confidence, and for that I'm truly grateful
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