"Must have" marking and pressing tools.

“Must have” marking and pressing tools.

I’ve tried lots of ways to teach students to transfer pattern markings and press evenly measured hems, and am always on the look out for more tips and tricks. Recently I’ve found  some great new tools from Prym, one of my favourite haberdashery brands.

Prym ironing board cover


I think this ironing board cover is genius! It’s so useful for pressing hems, or straight edges, and ideal for quilters and patchworking. I’m already loving mine at the Thrifty Studio.. Available in the uk here check out the ironing blanket on the page too, great if you don’t always have an ironing board up.

Ergonomic parallel chalk wheel



Lots of sewers like to have a seam line dawn on their fabric, and this ergonomic parallel chalk wheel saves fiddling about with a ruler/tape measure and chalk. If you use any patterns that don’t include seam allowances, then this tool is for you. Buy one in the UK here and see it in action here I love this, and will be uploading a short vid on using this tool soon.


Ergonomic tracing wheel


Ever wondered how to use dressmakers carbon paper and a tracing wheel? Watch this video.

I use a tracing wheel and carbon to transfer alterations symetrically after fittings, or to quickly transfer pattern markings without the need for tailors tacks. This ergonomic tracing wheel is lovely when you do a lot of tracing and is really comfortable in the hand.


I’d love to hear about any pressing or marking tools you can’t live without!

Happy Stitching, Claire-Louise:)



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