My Fav Dressmaking and Fitting books

In this video recorded live from facebook, I walk you through some of my favourite books for dressmaking, fitting and pattern making

For Sewing techniques-
The reader’s digest complete guide to sewing is the ultimate bible.
Julia Fallon- Complete dressmaking,
For pattern fitting-
My favourite basic book for pattern fitting is this one
Real fit for real people is a good resource-
Pattern fitting and alterations- quite pricey and very dense.
Sewing pants that fit –
Every sewer’s guide to the perfect fit –
Pattern adaptation book-
Make your own dress patterns –
Pattern drafting books-
Metric pattern cutting for women –
Nice to have series with gorgeous illustrations
The art of sewing- Restyling your wardrobe:
Link to my You tube Video on cloning clothes with a downloadable handout in the description –

Happy Stitching CL:)

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