My online membership club “Elevate Your Sewing”

Ready to Elevate Your Sewing?

Since you’re here on my blog, I’m guessing you’re interested in improving your sewing?


Well you might also be interested in my Exclusive Monthly Membership club: Elevate Your Sewing. 

This is where I’m delivering my best content exclusively to patrons/members of the club, and since it initally launched in May 2020 members have told me how much they’ve loved the mix of live and recorded sessions. Inside the membership video library there’s almost 200 hours of bitesize  sewing training

 To ensure I can best serve the members, and to keep the unique exclusivity inside the club the doors are only open a few times a year. However, you might fancy giving the club a try with the 3 month trial package for just £36. There’s no commitment after the 3 months if you decide it’s not for you.

Gift a Sewing Course

Here’s what some of our founding members have to say about Elevate Your Sewing…..

Direct and personal access to great knowledge through zoom sessions.
I learn so many new things. Claire-Louise is a very kind teacher. She makes me feel so confident in trying new things. As if you are taken by the hand and walk through all the steps together.

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