On tour!

I have been lucky enough with my theatrical career to have come to NYC every year between 2003, and 2008. However my last visit was march ’08, so when i got a tour with Prima Donna to Canada i jumped at the offer to have a few days in NYC before i started.

So here I am, attempting to have a ‘Thrifty’ trip to NYC as I am skint, any money saving tips I glean in the next 3 days, shall  be passed on. My first money saving idea was to stay out of Manhattan itself as hotels this weekend are really expensive due to it being a holiday. For half the price I am at the renaissance newark airport, and I will commute into the city.

Never really having explored new jersey before, i am off in a moment to Jersey garden’s outlet mall- a massive 200 discount shops! Banana republic factory stock too, which could be dangerous……

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