Pocketless clothes- Political Hot Potato or merely an inconvenience?

Are Pockets really a feminist issue?

I want to talk pockets, as I’m fascinated by the history and stories behind everyday objects that we take for granted. I’ve seen lots of hot debates on social media about pockets and women’s clothes which piqued my interest!
Pocketless clothes- Political Hot Potato or merely an inconvenience?

Are you frustrated that it’s tricky to find clothes with pockets these days? Or are you one of the many who don’t care and keep everything in a bag anyway?

I’m a massive pocket fan, and in the summer I do like to be able to waft about without a handbag making my shoulders hot and bothered, and keep my essentials in roomy pockets!

There has been a lot of articles recently around the issue of the politics of pockets, including this one from the BBC which prompted me to think over this topic and read through the #WeWantPockets hashtag thread on twitter! Fascinating stuff…

pockets in dog clothes

In 1954 Dior is quoted as saying

Men have pockets to keep things in, women for decoration

This quote is often discussed in terms of women’s role in society at the time still being less equal than men’s. I found the quote on this rather interesting post about pockets!

As a Masters student on a garment technology course studying the manufacturing process, I think that modern fast fashion lacks pockets for economical reasons rather than political ones. The less process, prices and fabric needed for a garment, the cheaper it can be produced. Since the demand for £5 T shirts is till there, we cannot expect all the finesse of finer details for such a low price!

RTW pockets

Anyway, as a pocket fan, and a stitcher, I thought I’d share my solution. Whilst a pocket on a garment is usually a selling point for me, I don’t discount pocketless pieces when I’m shopping. Here’s a great tutorial I’ve found on adding in seam pockets to an existing garment, which is how I transform my pocketless frocks!

If you’re sewing up a project and the pattern doesn’t include pockets, there’s an easy fix for that too- add some! By hand London did a great post on how to do just that!

So how about you? Do you always sew up clothes with pockets, or have you yet to tackle pocket insertions yet?

Happy stitching cl :)

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  • janet

    16.07.2017 at 21:26

    Of course it is a sexist issue!! Women are shorted on pockets because it adds a few dollars to the cost of producing those garments. Let me say that pockets are more possible in loose, flowing garments than in tight ones. That may be the issue with some women. But pockets in jeans and pants should be a no brainer.

  • Mitzi Richardson

    27.06.2017 at 16:52

    I agree that it’s mainly an economic issue. Sometimes I need pockets, sometimes I don’t. I hate 1-pocket tees or shirts. Since our “girls” are always a prominent feature of our front views, why look lopsided? The “girls” also make breast pockets unfeasible for storage due to the odd lumps such storage causes. Same goes for pockets on my sit-upon, but I refuse to do without side or patch pockets.