Scared to hem chiffon- Pin hemming is the professional’s top trick!

The party season has arrived, luckily in London so have the sales, meaning bargain party dresses. If like me, you often need to shorten your frocks, then fear those delicate fabrics no more! Pin hemming is a great way to hem circular hems, or hems in slippery or sheer fabrics. It’s my favourite technique for hemming, so I’ve made you a little video on how to do it.  Next stop… altering sparkly ball room gowns Strictly dancing style…..

Happy stitching Cl :)




  • Norma Galton

    13.12.2014 at 19:17

    Very clear instructions and audio very good. Your voice is easy on the ear – something that is not always the case with some other people’s instruction videos. So helpful. Thanks.

    • The Thrifty Stitcher

      16.12.2014 at 20:04

      Thanks so much for your lovely comments, so glad you enjoyed the video. Happy stitching and season’s greetings:)

  • Jane Ungemuth

    13.12.2014 at 06:32

    Very clear instructions and video. Thank you and have a lovely Christmas and prosperous New Year.


    • The Thrifty Stitcher

      16.12.2014 at 20:05

      Thanks jane,
      Really kind of your to comment, and season’s greetings to you too:)

  • Katie M

    12.12.2014 at 04:32

    Thanks for a very straightforward video. I find hems on floaty fabrics really hard, and this method looks quite easy.

    I like the look of your mini iron. It looks like something very handy to keep on the table next to the sewing machine, and wouldn’t take up too much space. What is the brand/model of your iron?

    • The Thrifty Stitcher

      16.12.2014 at 20:07

      Hi Katie,

      thanks for taking the time to comment. The mini iron is a god-send! it’s a prym iron, i love it, small but packs a good shot of steam so excellent for proper pressing
      Have a fantastic festive season :)