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Sew a last minute Christmas Stocking

Ok, it’s just over a week away…stockings
I mean the big day, the day that for many is finally a day of rest when we celebrate with our families and give and receive tokens of their affection. Christmas day..
For many it’s a stressful and often expensive time, and the spirit of giving is sometimes lost to a celebration of consumerism.

I have often made up one of a kind stockings to give as a gift, or filled with small presses to share with friends, and they have always been appreciated. For novice sewers, they really don’t have to be perfect so they’re a great confidence booster. They can be decorated in so many ways, that they’re simply a lovely blank canvas for your creativity.

What you’ll need-

A stocking template- I often use some wrapping paper as a pattern and draw around an existing stocking. Here’s a free downloadable template

Some fabric for the stocking and the cuff- I find Ikea tablecloths or fleece blankets a really inexpensive source of lovely Christmassy fabric!

Some ribbons,scraps of fabric and buttons to decorate with- Go mad!!

I’ve written a  free downloadable handout on how to whip up a stocking,

It should only take an hour or so to make a simple one, and they are so worth the effort! I’d love to see your creations, please share!

Happy Stitching:)

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