Sewing is good for your health!

Learn to Sew and feel happy!I have been pondering recently on what a difference a practical skill like sewing can have for all of us in these busy stressed out times. It is not so much a return to the past, as an opportunity to allow ourselves to stop and just take as long as is needed to get the sewing done. Unlike so much of our 21st century lives, sewing isn’t a multi-tasking opportunity. Sewing really requires you to be in the moment and single task! There are no software tricks that magically speed up hand sewing a hem, and you can’t use photo-shop as an alternative to pinning together your fabric. I find sewing very mindful, in the same way that traditional meditation techniques allow you to switch of your mind, sewing really can take you away from your day to day Life. I’m sure it must help reduce stress, so I had a wee wonder on the internet, and found this Article


Surprise! Sewing May Be Good For Your Heart!
A clinical study commissioned by the Home Sewing Association (HSA) reveals that women who sew – both skilled as well as novice sewers — experience a significant drop in heart rate, blood pressure, and perspiration rate when compared to women who participate in other leisure-time activities. Heart rate, blood pressure, and perspiration rate are three key factors in the measurement of stress. The study’s results appear to indicate that sewing helps women to relax while they focus on a creative activity”

So if you feel stressed, get sewing! It really is good for you….

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