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You may not follow me on my social media channels, so I thought I’d pass on a couple of the tips and useful shares I’ve been dishing out recently. I’m fairly chatty over on Twitter, and try and share a useful link twice a week, so here’s my top 3 from the last month or so.




 A fab upcycling projectAn awesome blog on “up cycling”!

Recently someone left a comment on my blog and asked me to share their blog. I couldn’t share without checking it out, and their blog is AMAZING! The writer is a professional pattern cutter, and re-purposes tired old clothes into fabulous new ones. Go have a read and get some inspiration….







5 uses for bias tape in clothes making5 uses for bias binding

I was thinking of writing a post on different garment uses for bias binding when up popped a post from Craftsy, which did just that! Not one to re-invent the wheel, I shared this post and had a huge amount of re-shares and comments about the post on Social media. So if you wondered what you could do with Bias except make pretty edges, hop on over and have a read.





How to add sleeves to a sleeveless pattern

Adding-sleeves-pin-317x650How often do you think, Hmm, love that pattern but can’t go sleeveless! It’s increasingly on my mind now the bingo wings have crept upon me, and I don’t always want to wear a cardigan. Hooray for The McCalls Pattern company for posting this fab tutorial, my bingo wings shall be forever disguised…





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