An altered 50's frock

The Great British Sewing Bee- 3 reasons to watch, be inspired and take up sewing

New BBC2 sewing show, The Great British Sewing Bee airs on Tuesday April 2nd at 8 pm! How very exciting..

The show is a sewing competition, pitching 8 amateur stitchers against one another in a bid to be crowned the Best  Amateur sewer in Britain. It’s particularly exciting, because there really has been little on our screens for many years that inspires audiences to see the relevance of dressmaking, and yet it is the pastime of so many in the UK.
If you tune into BBC 2 on Tuesday, you’ll see 8 wonderful Amateur sewers making clothes, and demonstrating that the British isles has so many talented Stitchers. All the stitchers have a different reason for sewing, but the passion for sewing is a common bond that united these 8 very different characters. There were no needle duals at dawn on this show!

Check out the 8 contestants bios here.
You can also watch a clip of the show too.

Here are 3 reasons for learning to sew.

1- Never again will you pass up that great sale bargain or e bay find worrying about wether or not it fits. Once you master the sewing machine, carefully positioned nips and tucks will transform your wardrobe! Most of my clothes have had a wee adjustment, as high street clothes cannot be a perfect fit on everyone. This dress was at least 2 sizes too big before I altered it, but now it looks custom made

An altered 50's frock

2- Never again will you attend a party or event and see someone else in your outfit. Sewing allows you to have the clothes you want, not the clothes that the high street dictates. This seasons’s hottest colours are burnt orange and cobalt blue. You’re pretty stuck if you’d prefer to wear sage green, or lemon. Sewing up your own clothes means having any fabric you desire, in any shape that you’d like. I began my sewing career making fancy dress outfits, and am currently making a dress from vintage 60’s fabric found in wales

2 of my Personal sewing projects

3-Never again having to pay someone else to do little mending jobs or repairs to your clothes. You can liberate all those broken clothes stuffed at the back of your wardrobe , and save yourself some money too! This trouser repair took 30 mins, and meant not having to buy a new pair of school trousers

The Great British Sewing Bee- 3 reasons to watch, be inspired and take up sewing

There’s loads of help out there now to get you sewing, lots of scrummy fabrics to make things with and you don’t have to buy masses of equipment to get started.

Make sure you don’t miss episode one of The Great British Sewing Bee on Tuesday April 2nd, 8 pm, BBC 2


  • SewRuthie

    11.04.2013 at 17:48

    I enjoy the creative process of fabric into garment.

  • Siannie

    01.04.2013 at 19:31

    I started sewing because of reason number 2! I went to my university course graduation party (where there were only about 100 of us) and 3 of us were wearing exactly the same dress!
    I won’t ever have to deal with that again.
    Also, the pride you have when someone asks where your dress etc is from and you get to tell them that you made it all yourself. Very satisfying!