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The Great British Sewing Bee Finale


Well, I don’t know about you, but I found the final episode so exciting and very moving! I cried when I watched the it tonight! If you know me in real life then you’ll know I don’t cry often either!

Challenge 1-

Make a man’s shirt in 4 hours…. Gosh this was a toughie. The shirt has so many elements that are fiddly and time consuming. The collar is in 2 parts, as it’s a classic man’s shirt with a neckband designed for wearing a tie. The sleeve is laid on rather than set in, which is a different technique than most stitchers are used to. There were 9 buttons down the front, which means 9 buttonholes to be stitched under pressure! WOWSER!

Clever Ann went for linen and it’s a perfect fabric to make your first shirt from as it’s maleable and presses well, giving the clean lines you need on a shirt. You can also use a linen blend. Having a little of another fibre in the mix means you won’t end up with that crumpled look that linen is notorious for.

Challenge 2-

This week we saw the contestants hand sewing being tested! EEK, I thought Sandra was going to explode when she heard the challenge! Hand embroidering a bag….


Challenge 3-

Wowee! 8 hours to make an evening dress…. Ann, Sandra and Lauren really rocked those dresses!

Ann made a fabulous lace number  with Black tocca lace and Royal blue taffeta.

Sandra made a slinky dress in a luscious teal satin, and a chiffon drape… Silk chiffon in the finale! Sandra is mad, and brave. The dress looked perfect on her model, and would be great for a prom or graduation dress.

Lauren’s dress was a knock out. This was such an incredible choice for Lauren, it’s a stunning modern dress that wouldn’t be out of place on a celebrity at a film premiere. She used elegant duchess silk satin, and a gold stretch sequin. STRETCH SEQUIN!! Lauren was feeling super brave!

To Work with her stetch sequin, Lauren used a walking foot which is fab for fabrics that move, and great for curtain making too! They look a little scarey but are really easy to use, and make certain fabrics a breeze. Wondering how to use this strange foot? This fab video shows you how

Janome Walking foot

What Amazing dresses! Are you inspired to run up something for a special occasion now?

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