The knitting and stitching show at ally pally.

Today i went to one of the largest sewing/craft events of the year.
It was a fairly last minute decision to go, as i only realized it was on 2 days before…
My goodness it was rammed, both with visitors and stands.
Every aspect of knitting and stitching was covered and to be honest, it was a little too much to take in. I thought it was a great opportunity to do some research on new sewing products, so i persevered and shuffled along through the great hall along with hundreds of other ladies.

I had planned to get a subscription for a sewing magazine, and was very very pleased when i stumbled upon “Sew Hip” magazine-it is fresh with a modern layout and some great projects. I got a fabulous goody bag for signing up at the show, and a free cloth-kit!

I collected lots of flyers and business cards and i will post some of the best links into my web-site soon.

I stayed too long at the show, and had a mad dash back to the west end in order to get my show ready by 7.30. Nothing like cutting it fine…..

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