The sewing directory-a fantastic resource!

I returned from my Gambian holiday with the lurgy I left with. 2 weeks taking cold and flu meds is too much,so after a weekend of teaching that has left my sore throat even more sore, I am taking a day to rest and visit the doctor! Given my work schedule for the last 8 months I’m not surprised that my body is fighting back and making me rest up!

I am today feeling well,except for the painful throat and I like to be busy! So I am under a duvet,checking out the web and all my links to places I love. The sewing directory is one site I follow as a blog and on facebook and twitter-

I remember hearing about the launch of the sewing directory and thinking it was just another sewing/crafty site. In less than a year however it has become the place to get info in all aspects of sewing and crafty stuff. The website is not just a listings page however,there are articles, tutorials and book reviews along with fabulous competitions. I’ve just hopped off their facebook page and realised that I’ve come to rely on this fabulous site for finding great suppliers. I’ve discovered several fabric shops through the sewing directory,and just today I discovered a site selling Japanese craft and textile books. Japanese textiles is a passion of mine,and having been lucky enough to tour japan I am a little obssessed by it!

Fiona, who runs the sewing directory seems to have discovered the magical extra 2 hours a day. Seriously as a mum to a toddler I don’t know how she manages it all! Hopefully she’ll send me her time management tips. I’m often inspired by the other new businesses I’ve discovered since I started my own,and many of them I found on this site. I think it’s pretty amazing that in britain’s economic downturn,women have gone out and started such aspirational new businesses like the sewing directory.

So if you love sewing,knitting or anything crafty then bookmark this site! It really is the ultimate resource for all crafty folk

Happy browsing!


  • Lizzet

    17.01.2011 at 12:56

    I totally agree with you, regardless of the tough economic climate, many people have got the will power and strength (pure madness in my case) to open a new business. Fiona is a great example and if she ever pass you the secret on how to manage so many things, please pass it on!

    • Lorena

      22.05.2012 at 05:45

      I just love this collection of phtoos. I’ve really ignored all my knitting and sewing this year .. just concentrating on writing a book .. but looking at this beautiful collection makes me want to get my knitting out .. you know what I might just do that right now.. !