Tips and tricks from a West End Costumier- Spot cleaning

Cleaning solution

Whilst it may sound uber glamorous to work as a Wardrobe person on a West end show, the reality is that we do lots of very mundane tasks, and need to be able to get them done quickly and as effectively as possible.

The lovely retro american style bottle above is my favourite weapon for spot cleaning costumes. You spray it onto a piece of white cloth, (i use old t shirts) Place a ball of cotton wool behind the stain and dab  the stain with the solution soaked cloth. You’ll need to work into the stain, but this product is a little miracle worker! I currently use it almost every day to remove red lipstick from a white linen suit. This product called clear choice is only available from the Theatrical Dry-cleaners I use  Upstage. They import lots of american products for us West end costumiers to use. Upstage are also a great place to send vintage items for cleaning, as they specialise in that area as well as Theatre Costumes


super spot cleaner

My top tip however for grimey collars on shirts, and greasy spots on clothes is good old fashioned fairy green washing up liquid! Seriously it’s way cheaper than all the spot cleaners you can buy, and loads more effective. This product is designed to cut through grease on plates, so it will really lift that stain before you wash it.

Well that’s my tips for this week.

Happy cleaning!

Claire-Louise- The Thrifty Stitcher

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