Unpickers-A stitcher’s best friend.

Aah, The faithful un-picker,

The stitcher’s best friend, but have you noticed it’s not as effective as it once was?

Unpickers-A stitcher’s best friend.

These little tools can rescue the greatest of sewing errors and even the professionals still need them.
BUT, they’re not a lifetime purchase, that little blade in the centre gets blunt, so you should replace them periodically especially if yours gets lots of action. Personally I love love love the ergonomic handles of the @prym.consumer un-pickers. I find the “extra large” and “large” have a too chunky a blade, so I use the small or the medium

Unpickers-A stitcher’s best friend.
 It makes me sad to throw away the whole unit when it’s only the metal bit that needs replacing.
I’d love to see un-pickers made like say a Stanley knife where you can change the blade. I’ve found this one which has a beautiful wooden handle, sadly out of stock.
Unpickers-A stitcher’s best friend.
My friend Grace from Beyond Measure who makes/stocks beautiful tools like this one is developing an un-picker with a replaceable blade. Sign up for her mailing list for details of when it will be ready
Unpickers-A stitcher’s best friend.
Would you invest in a more expensive un-picker if it had replaceable blades? I know they’re a much bigger investment than the cheaper plastic ones. I bought Grace’s wooden pin cushion because I sew for a living and it use it daily. I enjoy using and looking at it, but it was expensive and I thought about it for a very long time! In the end I wanted to use a tool that I really enjoyed using and looking at. It sparks joy whenever I’m sewing.
I’m thinking about ways to tread the earth more lightly and using less single use plastic, BUT does the premium price put you off? I know that if the larger manufacturers start producing them, then the cost will come down, just as organic food did once there was greater demand.


What do you think? I’d love to know, do leave your thoughts in the comments.


Happy stitching CL:)

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  • Andrew

    14.01.2020 at 09:15

    We run sewing classes too and can absolutely relate to this – some people have used the same un-picker for years, not sure if they’re ready to ‘let go’ !! Great article, thank you.