What kind of a dressmaker are you?

Happy Monday!

Having taught dressmaking to Home Sewers for almost 11 years, i’ve noticed that most of my students have fallen into 2 camps

The “Perfectionist”:- This dressmaker obsesses about not just the outside but all the seam finishes too. They make multiple mock ups to get the “perfect fit” They stalk you tube watching technique videos to ensure every stitch goes in perfectly. Sometimes they never finish their projects because they feel disapointed that they haven’t quite created a perfect enough garment.

The “Bodge it and Scarperer”:- This dressmaker’s main focus is getting their ideas into fabric form and onto their bodies. They skim the pattern instructions, and rely on instinct and a pinch of hope to get them through the construction process. they havent got time to make mock ups as their hobby time is so limited. Sometimes they abandon projects because they are a disaster

Recognise yourself? Or maybe you’re a bit of both? I know I am.

Regardless of what type of dressmaker you are, I can help you get better results!

Would you like me to help you with your fitting process? Or maybe you’d like to pick my brains and learn some tips for tricky sewing techniques?

Can I show you how to take a few basic patterns or TNT styles from your stash and transform them into multiple new styles?

Or how about letting me show you how to alter your vintage or bargain finds to fit you better and create a sustainable wardrobe?

If you’d like to have me as your personal Guru, supporting your sewing journey, then let me know.

What kind of a dressmaker are you?

Here’s what some of our founding members have to say about Elevate Your Sewing…..

I love being part of a sewing community. I live in quite a rural area and it's not possible for me to travel to sewing workshops, but being part of this group from the start has made me feel included. Although I'm not always able to join the sessions live, I love that they are all recorded and I can watch them in my own time.
It's fantastic to learn specific skills that you're unlikely to learn when making a garment yourself at home.

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