What’s hot for home sewing in 2014

At the beginning of a new year, most of us like to look to the future, make plans, take up hobbies and stretch ourselves.

What's hot for home sewing in 2014

I asked 4 well known sewing bloggers, TillyLizzyMelissa and Rosie what they predicted as being hot topics for home sewers this year. They all came up with lots of fantastic ideas.

What's hot for home sewing in 2014

All of the sewing bloggers agreed that 2014 is the year home sewers fall in love with sewing knit or stretchy fabric!

Rosie says as most of the fashionable high-street brands – American Apparel and Top Shop – are stacked full of stretchy pieces, and sports wear is huge on the designer catwalks this Spring, home sewers will to inspired to have a go at sewing knits themselves.
Melissa says advanced home sewers are buying specialist sewing machines specifically designed for stretch fabrics like the cover stitch machine. Home sewers are now looking to get a ‘pro’ finish at home
Tilly feels that sewing with knits is an emerging trend on the blogosphere, as stitchers discover that working with stretch fabric doesn’t have to be difficult

Tilly WalnesTilly at Tilly and the buttons

With the second series of the Sewing Bee due to hit our screens in spring, sewing is set to move into the spotlight and become less of a niche hobby. Expect to see the media and retailers tapping into the trend

As more people are seeking to dress handmade on a regular basis, stitchers are becoming less keen on sewing party frocks and more interested in making wearable clothes that suit their everyday lifestyle


Melissa fehrMelissa from Fehr trade

The Great British Sewing Bee did a lot for improving people’s confidence in their ability to sew clothing for themselves that actually looks good, if not BETTER than what they could buy in shops. I think this is the year for mass numbers of men and women to start sewing things for themselves..

Lingerie is going to be another theme for 2014. You can really save a lot of money over the high end bras, knickers, and slips, especially when you use luxurious materials like silk. Since you don’t need much fabric, laces, or trims, and you can sew them on a regular sewing machine. There’s also the added bonus that no one can see if you skip a stitch!

Sew Busy Lizzy


Lizzy from Sew busy Lizzy down under!
Papercut patterns will be the indie company rockstar this year. With free shipping worldwide, unique packaging and great design it’s all go!

This year I think bomber jackets will be the hot jacket to sew, check out this one from papercut

My personal sewing this year is all about making jeans and using drape drape patterns



Rosie Martin from DIY Couture

Rosie Martin

I think there will be jackets of all sorts being made by seamstresses globally in 2014. By Hand London have a sharp and simple blazer and let’s not forget the DIYcouture hoody!

I think 2014 will see a surge in sewing by men and for men. The ‘Male Pattern Boldness’ sewing blog continues to be a smash hit. Major indie pattern companies like Colette have started to release patterns for men, new male-specific pattern companies are popping up (like Thread Theory)

I think 2014 will be the year that men get behind the sewing machine and join their sisters in a DIY clothing revolution.


So, what’s on your sewing hit list for 2014? I’d love to know

Happy Stitching CL :)

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