When do you give up on your dream?

Is giving up your dream realistic, or settling for second best?

I began the week contemplating wether or not we can have it all. And end the week with another big thought about dreams and aspirations.

I don’t think we can ‘have it all’ neither do I think we should aspire to. With every choice there is compromise, and I think we should aspire to have what we really want deep inside ourselves, and then accept the inevitable repercussions of that choice.
But how can we decide exactly what our dream is? and for how long do we continue chasing it? That’s a very tricky question…

As a young costume design student, I allowed myself to dream about seeing my name in the credits rolling onscreen. By my final year, I realised I wouldn’t be accepting any oscars for costume design. I hadn’t given up my dream, or settled for second best. I had realised that my dream wasn’t for me, I am an artisan, a facilitator and in costume terms an interpreter. Realising this allowed me to change my dream, and shift the direction of my life.

So was I realistic, or did I cop out and settle? Hmmm- working as I do in the entertainment industry, I see many folk that refuse to give up on their dream, despite possibly lacking in talent. X factor thrives on the untalented individuals dreaming of stardom. So when should they give up on their dreams?

My philosophy in life has been to do what makes me happy, I’ve changed direction several times in my career, usually changing when my work stopped giving me joy. I’m lucky and priveledged to be able to choose to do a job I love, rather than having to do a job I hate. Am I still following my dream? YES I am, It’s just not the same one all the time, and definately isn’t the one I had at nineteen.

Have a great weekend

Ps- I have in the last few years seen my name in the rolling credits as costume designer, and it thrilled me as I had dreamt it would. But I still know that wasn’t the dream I should have followed. I am an average costume designer, but a great wardrobe mistress, and hopefully an inspiring teacher!


  • Fiona

    28.05.2011 at 09:03

    I think it's good to constantly adapt your dreams. You need to have something to strive towards but we all grow and change so our dreams should too.

    My dream for my entire teenage years was to be a hot shot lawyer…as soon as I started studying law at uni that dream quickly changed!

  • JuliaB

    27.05.2011 at 09:41

    This is a great post. Bought a tear to my eye. xx