Why I’m sacrificing saucepans for sunshine

At the beginning of the year I set out goals for the year ahead. Six months on and one of those goals has not only eluded me, but continues to make me feel that I’ve failed myself. So I’ve decided to get rid if it altogether!

Cooking for myself as a veggie has always been important in order to eat interesting and tasteful food. It’s been something I’ve shared with friends, and was a favourite way I used to unwind. I now work fulltime and run a small business, and at least 10 hours of every day are consumed by Working at both of those things. I need at least 7 hours sleep, so when you factor in travelling to and from work, I’m left with little time for myself. I’ve been trying to carve out time to cook, but the pressure of feeling obligated to squeeze it in us frankly wearing mr down. When I get time out, I want to see friends, go to a spa not slave over s saucepan. I’d love to live the lifestyle of Jamie or nigella, but frankly when they’re cooking it’s their work, so of course they can fit it in. Cooking isn’t just about the actual effort of chopping and heating, there’s shopping and ensuring you have what you need in, and even if you do get food deliveries, there’s still a time commitment to checking and ordering. Like many of my friends and colleagues, my boyfriend and I seem to spend a great deal of time talking about food shopping, food ideas and all the mundanity of those conversations is just well BORING!
I work weird hours, I work at night, so it’s tough to cook when all my food gets heated up at work. Within the covent garden area, I know all the convenience vegetarian foods I can get hold of, and most of my menu comes from pret, marks and Spencer and tesco. They each offer limited vegie options, so my diet has begun boring mr senseless.
Added to all of the above i want to slim down a little, but that means more prep and thought, and cooking time.
I will shortly be signing onto a weight loss food delivery service. I will spend no more than I currently spend on microwave meals, and take out sandwiches. So I’ll eat better, free myself from feeling guilty that I’m not a domestic diva, and with the extra hours I gain hopefully I can do more for me.
Since I decided on this plan, I’ve had a huge sense of a weight being lifted from my shoulders. I’ll need a couple of months to slim down, but who knows during that time I may re-discover my cooking mojo!
I still want to have friends over for dinner, but I warn you if you’re invited I will have cheated and bought in. I guess for me the point is to see friends and enjoy their company, rather than putting off the invite cos I can’t face the kitchen!

Here’s to more sunshine and less saucepans!

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